Mesh Collection

Meshes are available here for download. When posting your skins using my meshes, like you to link back to my site. Only a textlink to and add the jReadme.txt file in your Zip file is enough. A banner is not needed. If posting my E-Mail address, please use For all meshes check the requesting site or guest skinners.

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Children and Male Outfits: Page 2

bj02_karate bj04_tuxtail bj06fc_newsbag
Mesh for karate outfit (or any other lookalinke skin) for boys Tuxtail coat for boys. Skins included in three skintones. Thanks to Loraceel for making this grest skin! Newsbag add-on for girls, based on original newsie
bj06mc_newsbag bj07fc_backpack bj07mc_backpack
Newsbag add-on for boys, based on original newsie Backpack add-on for girls Backpack add-on for boys