Mesh Collection

Meshes are available here for download. When posting your skins using my meshes, like you to link back to my site. Only a textlink to and add the jReadme.txt file in your Zip file is enough. A banner is not needed. If posting my E-Mail address, please use For all meshes check the requesting site or guest skinners.

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Dresses and Skirts: Page 9

bj69_ruflmidheels bj70_plaiddress Bp07_Jessica
Ruffled skirt just below knee with heels Just below the knees dress with heels Jessica Rabbit dress high sokit long dress and high heels. Available for download at 8ds

If you just want the dress mesh (no B@@bs): bj71_jessica
bj73_nightdress3 bj74_scienceheels bj76_flaredminiblocks
Third version of the night dress, long with flared sleeves Scientist skirt and lab-coat with heels Flared miniskirt with block heels, B200 compatabile