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Meshes are available here for download. When posting your skins using my meshes, like you to link back to my site. Only a textlink to and add the jReadme.txt file in your Zip file is enough. A banner is not needed. If posting my E-Mail address, please use For all meshes check the requesting site or guest skinners.

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Dresses and Skirts: Page 8

bj63_vintage3 bj64_rufflemini bj65_skates1
Another vintage dress. This one got a sexond layer short on the front and hangeing long on the back. Extra wide dress. Flared mini skirt with ruffles (no add-on!!) Same ruffle mini skirt but on skates, released as a winter special. Skins available at SimFreaks
bj66_longplatforms bj67_longcropblock bj68_rufflemidi
Long dress with platform shoes (not sure if I should place this under Platforms) Long dress with block heels and cropped top Just below knee ruffle dress.