Mesh Collection

Meshes are available here for download. When posting your skins using my meshes, like you to link back to my site. Only a textlink to and add the jReadme.txt file in your Zip file is enough. A banner is not needed. If posting my E-Mail address, please use For all meshes check the requesting site or guest skinners.

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Dresses and Skirts: Page 6

bj44_b289longerskirt bj45_b289Heels.gif bj05_dress4nosleeves
Improved B289 skirt, lenght below the knees only this version bents around the knees when the Sim is sitting down. Skins not included.. Heels version of the improved B289 longerdress skirt. Skins not included. This time a real sleeveless version of dress4 also known as B345 and B346.
bj07_train bj19_50dress bj54_triangle
Long dress with train. Perfect for wedding dresses and great formal wear Old fashioned dress dated from the 50's. Included with typical heels. Tringle shaped long dress on request. Skins are not included.